Good Work A new vision of work and organisations

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Good Work is a new vision of work and organisations

Do you ever wonder how good it would feel to make a real positive difference to the people and world around you?

Good Work is for people who want to make the world of work a better, more inclusive, flexible and ethical place for the benefit of all.

Good Work is for people who know their organisation has to change at its heart, and need a way to address how they work. It is about reconnecting us to the systems and complexity that we dwell within and talking openly about how we work today and how we want to work in the future.

Good Work is inspired by the possibility that institutions and organisations of all kinds can transform what they do and how they do it to benefit of themselves and their workers, so that work serves life and workplaces can make a positive difference in the world.

Good Work is focused on getting more voices heard in the workplace and bring all individual and organisational talents to the party. It is about seeing the connection between individual meaning and purpose and organisational responsibilities and performance.

Our mission is to bring a values-based perspective to work by partnering with people who want to redirect the purpose of their work and transform their organisation. We want to find a way to live in balance with our wider system and discover satisfying and meaningful work without causing harm to one’s own values, to other people or to our environment.

Our deeper purpose is to rewrite the narrative that shapes society and create a world in which work works, for all aspects of our life.

Our values are authenticity, integrity, holistic balance, and exploring difference.

About Sally Gray

Adventurer, Pioneer, Mother, Warrior, Seeker

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Sally Gray


Sally Gray has extensive experience in industry and management consulting.
Her work has ranged from some of world’s most complex transformation and change projects with large multi-national corporations to smaller business advisory and coaching roles.

Her work and professional interests revolve around the interchange of two main strands: People and Sustainability; principally focused on building more responsible and ethical organisations and creating more meaning and purpose in work. She works at all levels – individual, group, organisation and societal – to enable transformational learning and change. She also works actively in her local community as an environment charity trustee.

Sally completed the MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility at Ashridge Business School in 2013, and she completed an MSc in HR Management and Industrial Relations at UMIST (Manchester University) in 1998.

Doing something different to reconnect to meaning and purpose

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Wild Work

Good Work is a consultancy seeking meaningful
change in the world to meet the most complex
problems facing us today

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